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Vigo offers a quick solution to find out our car rental rates at all of our locations worldwide. So if you would like to check out Vigo rent a car's prices to fill out your information below then you will find our rates in a snap. It is that easy to see Vigo's car rental rates.

Vigo rent a car makes it easy to get a car rental quote from Vigo. All you have to do is fill in your information about where you want to rent a car and when and then you will get to see all of Vigo car rental rates for all of our vehicles. If you are looking for rental car rates on convertibles, SUVS, economy cars, or anything in between Vigo makes it eas with our Car Rental Rate page. Some tips to make sure you get a better rent a car price is to make sure that you change the dates to one day later returning while sometimes the price is better the longer you rent a car. Another tip for a better rate is to make sure you return the car before the time you pick up your vehicle. If you pick the car up at 11 am make sure that you return it before 11am or you will be charged another day for renting the car. So to get the best car rental date make sure you return it the same time you pick it up. Vigo wants to make it easy for people to find our prices so no one has to search all over the website to see what we offer. Vigo rent a car is not hiding our rates find out Vigo car Rental Rates here.

Skoda Rapid 1.2

From 25€/day

Family economy car. Spacious inner space is a guarantee for comfortable drive for many person, even long distance.

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Uslovi iznajmljivanja

Very important informations regarding means of payment.

Deposit is mandatory for all categories of vehicles. Deposit can be made ONLY using a credit card. Serbian ministry of Finance forbids cash deposits and we have to comply to that rule.

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