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Rental terms

      You must be min. age of 21.
    • You must present a valid driving license issued at least two year previously.
    • You must present a valid proof of your identity (passport).
    • You must present a valid credit card at rental start (Visa, Visa Electron, DinaCard, MasterCard or Maestro).

    Minimum length of the rental agreement is 1 day ( 24 hours).
    Any overdue of the renting period longer than 1 hour will be considered as a whole day. )

    You pick up / drop off the car washed, technically correct and with no damage - according to the vehicle condition form. Delivery/pick up in Belgrade area are free.

    Charges for the car rental are to be paid upon claiming the vehicle. Accepted methods of payment are credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, DinaCard, MasterCard or Maestro), or cash. Companies can pay the rent directly to our bank account. All prices include 20% VAT.

    Credit Card deposit (Visa, Visa Electron, DinaCard, MasterCard or Maestro) is mandatory at rental start for all car groups. Cash deposit is not accepted. Deposit amount is based on rental duration, car group and rental agent discretion rights. We do not charge you at the rental start - we just reserve the deposit amount on your credit card (pre-authorization), which you can not use for other purposes. When you return the car, we calculate rental expenses and only then we charge you - on your CC or cash, as you prefer. After the payment is completed, we cancel the pre-authorization on your credit card. According to the low, payment must be done in local currency, Serbian dinar (RSD).

    The vehicle shall NOT be operated:

    • by any person under the inluence of alchohol or drugs
    • for any illegal purposes (criminal deeds, violation of customers and foreign exchange control regulatins),
    • use the car for renting or lending the third person.
    • in motor sport events.
    • for propelling or towing any vehicle trailors or parst thereof.
    • for instructing drivers.