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Available car accessories

car baby seat

When you have a baby, you take a lot of things wherever you ho. When you hire a car with Vigo, we're happy to supply baby seats when required to make your life a little easier.

We can provide up to 2 baby seats with your rental car for no additional fee. Baby seats are able to accomodate both the rear and forward facing posiotions, depending on the age of your child. Most child car seats are fitted using the car seat beld and a leather strap that attaches to an anchor poing. It is important that the seat is appropriate foe your baby's age and weight.

car rent gps

Know how to get around in Belgrade with free GPS navigation system. You don't have to worry about getting lost on your business trip or vacation with a GPS in your Vigo car rental.

Even if you don't know the address of your destination, a GPS can recommend nearby places to visit and is guaranteed to get you where you want to go. Vigo rent a car makes GPS navigation available at absolutely NO extra charge. Our customer satisfaction comes on the first place, and our primary concern is to make your experience of Belgrade in our cars memorable.

car rent mobile internet

Going to a foreign country can be annoying mostly because of lack of regular means of communications such as GSM mobile network or expensive roaming prices or lack of internet.

Vigo rent a car service provides mobile internet gateway that you can use to access internet as soon as you enter the car. You can also take the device with you out of the car and enjoy free internet at no extra charge. Internet access can be a big issue while in foreign country and we do our best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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Rent a car Fiat Punto

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